Halal Malaysia Consultation


Local and International

We provide Halal consultation and training to obtain Halal Malaysia certification from "Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia" or also known as JAKIM. Whether your premise is in Malaysia or overseas, we are well experienced and will provide you with a good understanding of the standard and requirements.


Why Halal

HALAL Certification is globally popular and becomes the most sought after because it gives Muslim consumers confidence to consume the products. Generally, Halal means permissible while Haram is prohibited. With Halal certification, it is easier for Muslims to decide on which products can be purchased or consumed and which to be avoided. 

The global market revenue of halal food is projected to rise from about 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016 to about 2.57 trillion dollars in 2024 (Source: statista.com). Nowadays, even non-Muslims looking for Halal certified products because it shows that the products are clean and safe for consumption. These make many companies looking for their products or services to be certified Halal to penetrate to bigger market share. 

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What can we provide


Ask what you want, we will explain. We'll tell you about Halal standards and requirement, documentation, application process and anything related to Halal Malaysia.

Halal Consultation by Prime Business Solutions


Customized training to match the requirement of your company. Duration, type of training and category of products/services.

Recognized Halal Malaysia Training Provider


Islamic cleansing ritual service can be provided if required.

Sertu / Samak Cleaning Services


Visit your premise, inspect the condition. Suggest layout and facilities comply with Halal Standard for new premises. Also, inspect workers handling during operation.

Halal Standard Site Inspection & Floor Plan Design


Don't worry, we will submit and do the follow up for you while you focus on production and marketing.

Halal Malaysia Application & Submission