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Prime Business Solutions established in 2004 focuses its services towards the food industry to improve hygiene, quality and food safety.

We have more than 400 Malaysian and international customers since our inception. Among them are multinational companies, manufacturers, direct selling companies, investors, consultants, importers, printers and also government agencies and departments.

We have noted significant compromises in the areas of food handling, equipment maintenance and overall cleanliness of manufacturing premises. Our aim is to minimize, if not eliminate, these compromises by providing cutting edge solutions through hands-on training and supply of state of art equipment and consumables.

Our speciality is the provision of integrated services required by the food industry, ranging from seeking certifications from relevant bodies, approvals, training and consultation to printing, traceability system and non-toxic and food-grade cleaning agents.


In 2017, we have upgraded our business to a private limited company, Prime Business Solutions Sdn Bhd, with the same team of consultants and trainers.

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